General Guidelines for Social Media

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General Guidelines for Social Media:

Here are a few simple guidelines that we can emphasize during Covid-19. Times like these may bring panic and uncertainty, but a few simple ways we can help calm ourselves and bring a little bit of order in this chaos is by:

  • Following the footsteps of the prophet SAW in these unprecedented times, simple teachings such as cleanliness and proper grooming is not only essential amidst a pandemic, but should be emphasized during this time to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones, but those you come in contact with when going out for essential duties.
  • Checking up on your neighbors and being a helping hand for those who might need more help than you. The Holy Prophet SAW states, “ He is not a true believer who eats his fill while his neighbor is hungry.”
  • Following up on the instructions of that authority. In this case we are to take our necessary precautions, going out only for essential duties, avoiding travel, etc.
  • Building a stronger connection with God Almighty and putting more emphasis on our prayers
  • Being positive! Despite being in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, there are many blessings we can still count and opportunities that we are given that we might not have gotten the chance to do amidst a busy schedule.
    • We are able to spend more time with our loved ones.
    • Having extra time to finish unfinished projects
    • opportunity of giving back to the community by donating essential during this time.
    • Self reflection! Certain essentials that you can get easily (Toilet paper, Milk, bread, eggs, etc), have become harder access. Having To think twice before you leave your home
    • Opportunity to sacrifice and be selfless despite the uncertainty
    • Being thankful to God Almighty for the things you do have and the safety, health, or accessibility you might have that others in this time might not have.
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