June 29th – July 5th – “Slavery and Islam”

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Letter to the Editor

Letter Title: “Slavery and Islam”

Prophet Muhammad was raised in an era when slavery was not only the norm but glorified. Remarkably within a relatively short twenty three years of Muhammad’s prophethood, tens of thousands of slaves were liberated and the toxic tides of the heinous crime against humanity suddenly turned. Islam effectively abolished Slavery fourteen centuries ago, but we barely hear about it. Bilal, a Black Ethiopian freed slave and notable Disciple of the Prophet was elevated to the status of the first Muezzin, caller to prayer, whose melodious voice beckoned the Prophet and Muslims to worship five times a day. Bilal, with whom Allah is pleased, even became known as a spiritual “master” to the diversity in leadership that Islam brought. Any slave that came into Prophet Muhammad’s possession was immediately freed by him while ensuring their equal rights as free men were upheld. He urged all Muslims to do the same, and they did, setting in motion one of the greatest mass deliverance from bondage since the time of Prophet Moses.

Muslims married slaves which established a new precedent in the world. The freeing of slaves was prescribed as atonement to minor sins and was promoted as “the steep ascent” that led to divine nearness, Holy Quran 90:13-14. This inspired Muslims not only to free their own slaves but also to purchase their freedom. This is how Islam systemically eradicated slavery.

The true root of slavery lies in the pandemic of supremacy, the original sin committed by Iblis against Adam in the Holy Quran. Although a simple declaration was made to emancipate slavery by President Lincoln two centuries ago, we’re still uncovering more and more subliminal racism deeply rooted in our societies suffocating equal dignified opportunity for our Black siblings.

Until we slaughter the egoistic arrogance lurking inside each one of us, we’ll lamentably keep losing sacred lives senselessly.

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