April 30th – “Second Ashra of Ramadan”

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Letter to the Editor

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Letter Title: “Second Ashra of Ramadan

Muslims across the world are observing fasts these days during the holy month of Ramadan. Many people may not be aware that the month of Ramadan is not just about keeping a fast from dawn till dusk but Muslims are enjoined to engage more in prayers and charity. Prophet Muhammad says that the first ten days of Ramadan bring God’s mercy, the middle ten days His forgiveness and the last ten days save one from the fire of Hell. We are currently passing through the middle ten days of the month of Ramadan.

God has commanded his believers to seek forgiveness as well as His Prophets like Moses, Solomon, Jesus, and Muhammad, peace be on them all, have enjoined it. When God states ‘seek forgiveness’ He also declares “surely, Allah is Most Forgiving, Merciful”. [2:200]

It is not possible for a person to turn towards God for forgiveness and not be forgiven. When God enables one to cover one’s faults and weaknesses then one needs to promptly replace them with good and pious deeds otherwise if the vessel of one’s heart remains empty Satan fills it up again. One form of good deeds is helping those in need. There are millions of Americans who don’t have enough food to feed their children and as Ahmadi Muslims it is our duty to help them. Our Mosques are continuously hosting food drives to help those in need but the needs are currently immense and we need to increase our efforts even more, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

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