May 7th – “Laylatul Qadr”

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Letter to the Editor

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Letter Title: “Laylatul Qadr

Muslims around the world have entered the last 10 days of Ramadan, the holy month during which Muslims fast every day from dawn until sunset and spend extra time in reflection, self-improvement and prayer. Each 10-day period in Ramadan, known as an “ashra,” has a specific focus.  

While the first 10 days of the month are spent striving to win God’s mercy, and the second 10 days are about winning His forgiveness, the last 10 days are considered particularly special, because they are the 10 days to focus on acquiring salvation from hell. 

The last 10 days of Ramadan is special for another reason, as well. It is during this period that Muslims hope to experience Laylatul Qadr, or the “night of decree.” Occurring on one of the odd nights of the last ten days or Ramadan, this holy night is considered “better than a thousand months, wherein His Angels and Spirit descend by their Lord’s command with His decree concerning every matter, it is all peace” [Qur’an 97: 2-6]. 

In fact, it is during this special night that Muslims believe the founder of Islam, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him), received his first revelation from the archangel Gabriel—the same angel that appeared to the Prophet Moses and to the Virgin Mary. 

“Read,” instructed Gabriel to Muhammad, who at the age of 40, spent many nights meditating and praying in a cave. “Read in the name of your Lord who Creates, Creates man from a drop of fluid. Read, and your Lord is the Most Bounteous. Who taught by the pen, Taught man what he did not know.” This was, in fact, the beginning of the Quran, the holy book of Islam that was eventually revealed fully to Prophet Muhammad.

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